Ultimately, it is the music that speaks clearest. Pick any example to hear my work, arranging, orchestrating and conducting, crafting soundscapes for some of the world’s most popular artists, and composing music for some of the most prestigious clients in the world, just as I will for you.

(Indeed, every piece of music you are hearing on each page of this site began as a commission.)


These are songs you already know, with the same simple request from each artist: 

“Make it sound different and better than it has ever sounded.”

                          Darlene Love & The New York Pops ..... Georgia On My Mind

                          Donny Osmond ..... Give My Regards To Broadway

                          Katharine McPhee & The New York Pops ... Save The Last Dance For Me

                          Sinéad O’Connor ..... Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home

                          Rod Stewart ..... These Foolish Things

                          Andiamo ..... O Solo Mio

                         Deborah Voight & the Air Force Band Of Liberty ..... America The Beautiful

And even with voices alone, I worked magic for them, as I will for you.

                          Gloria Estefan & The American Boy Choir ..... I’ll Be Home For Christmas

                          Billy Stritch ... Something


I am ready to put all of my talents to work for you. The following are pieces specifically requested and written to order, each detail painstakingly worked out as to style, timing, number of musicians and the event for which it was commissioned. Listen and imagine if any of these could have been written for you. Now let’s get together and make it happen, it’s time you had your own music!

                          Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular - Part One - Contemporary Majesty

                         Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular - Part Two - Thoughtful Introspection

                          Narrated by Betty Buckley

                         Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular - Part Three - Journeys in Jazz

                          Narrated by Brian Stokes Mitchell

                          Common Grounds (Ballet) - Relentless Eternal Romance

                          Common Grounds (Ballet) - Hip Hop Fantasy

                          The TICK - Still running on Disney, originally for FOX.

Sometimes all you need is a simple song to say it all - here are a few examples of my work, both as a composer lyricist, and as a composer setting someone else’s lyrics (perhaps yours) to music.

                          Ordinary Hero - written in tribute to a firefighter after 9/11/01.

                          Lyrics by John Neiman and Doug Katsaros

                          Con La Tue Vita Esprime Il Tuo Amor - for the band GeWaDoKa

                          Lyrics by Julie Eigenberg

                          Love Has Seen Us Through - just a beautiful love song

                          My lyrics, my music.

All through my career, I have been called upon to create music on the spot, both with total freedom, and with ferocious time and budget constraints. This is a collection of some of the varied orchestral work I have done over the years, some beautiful, some amusing, all special.

                          The Doug Katsaros Orchestral Reel


Click on an image and enjoy.


Conducting the Boston Pops - in a concert I arranged featuring Judy Garland

Recording my theme for the ABC Sunday Night Movie with the London Philharmonic.

Performing in Dee Snider’s Hallowe’en touring band - Van Helsing’s Curse

A collection of television appearances spanning my career, including performances with

Todd Rundgren, Barry Manilow, Steven Wright and even an appearance on Oprah!